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Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • New Missouri laws for traffic offenses enacted

    Accidental and unintentional injuries happen every day in Missouri, but the consequences from some of these mishaps can be much more serious and long-term. Bodily injuries are unfortunately a fact of life in the wake of serious automobile accidents. Many collisions in Missouri are caused by driver carelessness and recklessness, including speeding and inattentiveness. Speeding is an egregious ...
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  • Missouri man arrested for DWI

    Missouri law requires drivers to have control of their vehicles at all times. When a driver fails to keep control of a vehicle, it can usually be traced back to driver error. Issues contributing to driver error may include tiredness, distractions, intoxication (drugs, alcohol) and aggressive driving. Far too often, the injuries resulting from a car accident are caused by a drunk driver. Each state ...
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  • Ozarks boat crash injures 1, leaves both boats damaged

    Boating safety is never more important than in the summer. Many people in the Kansas City area and throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas like to get out on the water during our hot summers. With more boating traffic, however, comes a greater risk of a boating accident . Just a few weeks ago, a serious boat crash occurred in the Lake of the Ozarks area. Two boats were heading the same ...
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  • 3 children injured when cars slam through Kansas City day care

    Kansas City parents do everything they can to protect their children. They make sure they put on helmets when they go out for a bike ride and tell them to fasten their seat belts before they back out of the driveway. Parents even go the extra mile to research the best schools or day care facilities to make sure their children are always in good hands. Unfortunately, there are some hazards that ...
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