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Blog Posts in December, 2013

  • Car accident results in death and murder charge

    A 31-year-old female hit-and-run driver speeding near the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, Missouri, struck and killed a 23-year-old male bicycle rider. That has led to second degree murder charges, but they are not pending against the hit and run driver, but against her 24-year-old former boyfriend, who authorities claim was chasing her at high speeds in a stolen car after ...
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  • Chain reaction highway crash kills 1, injures 7

    A chain reaction vehicle accident in Lawrence County, Missouri, on Interstate 44 ended up killing one man from Joplin and injuring a total of seven other people. The car accident took place at approximately 4:50 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Four cars and three tractor-trailers were involved, and police said that the accident fouled up traffic for miles and necessitated the closure of the west lane ...
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  • Two lawsuits against trucker in fatal accident

    A 17-year-old female passenger in an SUV died when a box truck crossed the center line in the highway, hitting the vehicle. The driver of SUV also suffered injuries. The 34-year-old male truck driver, who is employed by a furniture company, was also injured, as was his 23-year-old male passenger, a co-worker. The two men in the truck were both residents of Jackson, Missouri. The dead woman lived ...
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  • Driver in fatal crash was taking anti-psychotic drug

    A 21-year-old man from Walnut Grove, Missouri, is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter, among others. The man is accused of being responsible for a car accident that occurred in June and ended the life of a woman from Aldrich. At the time of the accident, investigators believe he had taken a drug classified as an anti-psychotic and commonly prescribed to combat such maladies as bipolar ...
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