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Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • You can still get justice after a hit and run accident

    Hit and run accidents are traumatic and unfortunate events that leave the victim in a lot of pain or, worse still, kill the victim. This is all compounded by the cowardly act of the likely-at-fault driver who then flees the scene, leaving the victim without the possibility, at least initially, to get the justice they deserve. It's important for the victim to remember that even as that car speeds ...
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  • Chaotic crash involves 5 vehicles, many injuries

    Five vehicles were involved in a major crash in Kansas City, Missouri recently, and based on the lead photo, it is miraculously that everyone escaped the wreck with their lives. According to the police, a driver was speeding and passed through an intersection, triggering the five-car accident that left people with injuries. The details are sparse, but what we know is that "several people" were ...
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  • Don't let distractions get to you while driving

    Distracted driving has become synonymous with using your cellphone while driving nowadays. But the fact of the matter is that there a lot of different distractions and distracting behaviors out there that can limit a driver's ability to focus on the road and operate their vehicle safely. Cellphone use is obviously a major one in today's society, but it is only one. There are many other ways a ...
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  • On truck accidents, and why you need legal help after one

    You're driving down the highway like you've done thousands of times before, and a truck drives up alongside you in the lane next to you. Again, this has happened thousands of times without incident, so you think nothing of it. But all of a sudden, the truck starts swerving into your lane and soon enough, the truck makes contact with your vehicle. As a result, a major accident occurs and you will ...
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