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Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • What to do in the wake of a hit and run accident

    Imagine that you are driving down the road when you approach an intersection. It's your turn to go through, so you do -- when all of a sudden another vehicle comes out of no where and t-bones you. That vehicle somehow is still functioning, and it drives off. You are left at the intersection with minor injuries and a ruined vehicle. What do you do? Hit and run accidents are terrible, and they cause ...
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  • Most know the dangers of distracted driving, and they ignore them

    A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about how the state of driving has become more perilous because of distracted driving -- which, though a broad behavior that encompasses many dangers, has come to mean texting while driving. In that post , we talked about the sheer number of texting while driving accidents that seemingly happen all the time, as a quick Google search will indicate. Now there is ...
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  • Some reminders for driving in wintry conditions

    The "Game of Thrones" reference is that "winter is coming," but in many respects, it's already here. Temperatures have been very low in the Kansas City area recently, a trend that is consistent with what the rest of the Midwest and the northeast has felt in the past week. While many people are lamenting the fact that ice and snow are on the way in short order, the fact of the matter is that such ...
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