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Blog Posts in October, 2014

  • Distracted driving is rampant in society, and that's outrageous

    One of the great things about the technological advances of the past 20 years is how it connects us, every person, together. We have the ability to communicate with friends on the other side of the city; family across the country; and people we know all over the word, and the ability to do this is just a pocket, and some fingertips, away. It's all so easy that it's no wonder that distracted ...
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  • Truck v. semi truck accident creates hectic scene

    An accident between a truck and a semi truck in a town just outside of Kansas City left one driver injured and needing hospitalization. An airlift was needed to get the injured person to the hospital. Apparently the wreck occurred when the semi truck was trying to make a turn, and the driver of the truck plowed his vehicle into the back of the semi. Few other details were made public as the police ...
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  • What factors are at play when proving fault in a car accident?

    It may seem like such a simple question that has such a simple answer: how do you prove someone is at fault (and thus liable) for a motor vehicle accident? You would think the answer is straightforward, and that the circumstances of the crash would logically dictate that person X or person Y is responsible for everything that happened. However, much like life, things simply aren't that simple. ...
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  • Boy's life ends tragically at Kansas City intersection

    A Kansas City, Missouri, community is in mourning after losing a 13-year-old boy in an accident involving a tractor trailer. The accident occurred on Saturday morning when the vehicle the boy was riding in was hit by a U.S. Post Service tractor-trailer. The vehicle was driven by the 13-year-old’s stepfather and football coach. They and three other boys were on their way to a football game at ...
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  • The problem behind the distracted driving epidemic

    One by one, states have passed laws forbidding drivers from using cellphones and other handheld devices while driving but the problem continues. A recently-released report by the Travelers insurance group sheds light onto what might be driving the problem. The Washington Post reports that surveys conducted by Travelers ultimately found that drivers are concerned about other people driving ...
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