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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • Car turns in front of truck, causing fatal accident

    The last time we wrote about truck accidents was about six weeks ago, and we tackled the subject of truck cargo. The cargo of any truck can play a huge role in the ability of the truck driver to control the vehicle and, thus, the cargo can be an integral factor in an accident, should one happen. If the cargo is balanced or if it shifts during transport, serious accidents can occur. With that in ...
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  • Suffered Personal Injury? We Can Help

    What should you do if you're struggling with a personal injury that someone else caused? The array of decisions that need to be made can be overwhelming. A personal injury lawyer -- one who's approachable, accessible, always there to answer your questions, advise you, guide you through the process and alleviate your legal and financial burdens -- can help you make those tough decisions. With more ...
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  • Boating accidents can cause very serious injuries

    One type of accident that many people don't consider when they hear the word "crash" or "collision" is a boating accident. These are far more rare than your typical motor vehicle accident, but they pose just as serious of a threat to the people involved as any other collision between motor vehicles. When a boating accident occurs, there are a few immediate risks. First of all, there usually aren't ...
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  • What you can do to deal with your insurer after a wreck

    Imagine that you get into a car accident. There are a lot of things that will happen in the immediate aftermath of the wreck, as well as the days and weeks to come. But one of the big steps that anyone will take during this period is to contact their car insurance provider. Many people may think that this is a simple and easy step that you can just do whenever you want and without much thought. ...
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  • Motorcyclist killed by drunk driver from Kansas City

    A 37-year-old woman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after her vehicle collided with a motorcyclist, killing the 56-year-old motorcycle rider. The 37-year-old was intoxicated at the time of the wreck, allegedly having a blood alcohol level that was twice the legal limit. What complicates this accident a bit is that the motorcyclist also had a blood alcohol level that was twice the ...
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