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Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • Younger are 'better' than older at texting while driving

    Texting while driving certainly isn't a skill, unless you consider driving dangerously or recklessly a skill. But according to a new study, younger drivers may actually be "better" at texting while driving than their middle-aged counterparts. The study looked at many driver from age 18 to 59 and exhibited how they performed when they were forced to text while behind the wheel of a car. The results ...
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  • Fatal accident caused by hit-and-run driver

    In a truly tragic accident, a person who was near a freeway was struck and killed after another vehicle apparently went off-roading near the highway and struck the 19-year-old. The young man was killed and the vehicle drove off without a trace. The police are now asking for help in identifying the vehicle and the person responsible for this unfortunate and sad incident. Hit-and-run accidents are ...
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  • Study shows half of teen drivers are drunk, high in fatal wrecks

    A frightening new study reveals that younger drivers seem linked at the hip to marijuana and alcohol. The study looked at car accidents in which teen or younger drivers were involved in a fatal wreck. The study focused in on states that perform routine toxicology tests in the wake of a fatal car accident . What the study found is that an alarming number of these teenage drivers were under the ...
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  • Cargo can cause (or be part of) a truck accident

    An astonishing motor vehicle accident shows just how important cargo can be in a truck accident. In this specific case, the cargo being carried by a large truck was actually military-grade explosives. As a result, the highway was (understandably) shut down for an extended period so that crews could sort out the dangerous scene. The wreck involved a truck and another vehicle, and one person was ...
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  • Risk of injury in motorcycle accidents is high

    Imagine you are driving on the highway and you want to change lanes. As you flick your blinker on, you take a glance at your mirrors to make your move. You just assume things are clear and don't look over your shoulder -- and this turns out to be a life changing decision. A motorcycle is in your blind spot, and as you merge into your new lane, you strike the motorcyclist. What we've just described ...
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