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Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Truck accident data dump: 2013 wasn't a great year

    You would probably think that there is a fairly extensive history of statistics and data to draw upon for fatal truck accidents. However, you may be surprised to find out that fatal truck accident data has only been kept since 1975. Fatalities in truck accidents spiked in 1979 and have been on a steady downwards trend since then. But that doesn't mean there can't be the occasional spike or blip on ...
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  • 15-year-old arrested in connection with hit and run accident

    There has been a break in the case of a pedestrian who was killed by a fleeing motorist outside of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri in late June of this year. The fatal accident involved a 50-year-old pedestrian, who was trying to cross the street outside of the stadium of the St. Louis Cardinals. Witnesses saw a black Mercedes plow through the pedestrian, and then flee the scene. Police ...
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  • Is this truck safety idea more of a distraction than a blessing?

    What if you could virtually see through a large semi truck that was in front of you -- but in order to do it, you had to watch four large TVs that were mounted to the back of the truck? Do you think such a construct would be helpful or a hindrance to drivers? Samsung recently posed this question to the driving public. They built a semi truck that had a forward-facing video camera on the truck's ...
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  • Sleeping pills hurt drivers even after effects subside

    While thinking about negligent driving, focus is often put on two issues: drunk driving and distracted driving. There is a reason for this. These are prominent and extremely dangerous behaviors that should be addressed whenever possible. However, with all the attention often paid to these two behaviors, other dangerous behaviors can remain in the background. This can lead to difficulties in making ...
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  • Liability in car accidents is more complex than you think

    How is fault or liability determined in a car accident? At first, this may seem like a silly question. The truth of the matter is that this question is actually far more complex than you may initially think. Of course, there are some examples where fault or liability is unquestionable (i.e., drunk driving). However, determining liability for your everyday fender-bender is far trickier than many ...
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