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Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • Multitasking is a myth

    In recent years, drivers have become comfortable with certain distractions in the car. Smartphones are a major culprit of distracted driving. They have given drivers the ability to quickly respond to emails, check the weather, or write a social media status update. Unfortunately, even a momentary cognitive distraction can have disastrous results while driving. While many people believe they can ...
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  • Car accident deals serious injuries to Missouri football player

    Over the weekend a football player at the University of Missouri, Harold Brantley, was involved in a car accident. This wreck left Brantley with some very serious injuries . A second University of Missouri athlete was in the car (a member of the MU women's basketball team), though she did not sustain any serious injuries. The wreck appears to be a true accident. Brantley's vehicle started to slide ...
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  • Investigation finds school bus crash caused by texting driver

    In Knoxville, Tennessee, late last year, three victims were killed in a tragic school bus accident. The accident involved two school buses, one of which was driven by 48-year-old, James Davenport, who suddenly made a left turn into oncoming traffic. His school bus struck another school bus in the side, toppling the vehicle and immediately killing three people: two students and a teacher's aide. ...
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  • The many ways in which a truck accident can occur

    Semi-truck accidents are often inherently very dangerous and devastating. Trucks are larger and more powerful vehicles than all other automobiles. When they are involved in a wreck, it is very likely that serious and potentially fatal injuries may occur. Many do not understand the numerous causes and factors that may go into determining liability in a truck accident. These elements can be complex, ...
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  • The injuries you can suffer in a car accident, and how to respond

    When a car accident occurs, there are many different injuries that can be sustained by the people in the vehicles involved in the wreck. Bones can be broken, permanent scars can be left behind, and there are plenty of even more devastating issues that can take place. Emotional trauma, brain or spinal injuries, and injuries to the torso or chest can all leave potentially permanent afflictions to ...
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