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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • Survey points to drivers knowing dangers, still doing them

    Some may believe the roads are becoming either much more safe or far more dangerous. Those who advocate the roads are safer may cite that car accidents have been declining for years, and there are constant safety campaigns to remind people of how to safely operate their cars (i.e. Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Those who believe the roads are becoming more dangerous may cite the increased number ...
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  • Street racing, fleeing driver involved in fatal wreck

    A tragic car accident in Kansas City claimed two lives earlier this month, and it appears that the accident was caused due to some severe negligence. Two vehicles were involved, but one fled the scene -- and yet it appears that both of the vehicles were involved in street racing. Little else is know about the wreck right now, but if the street racing allegation is true, there could be some very ...
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  • When will self-driving cars fully arrive?

    Self-driving cars have been a controversial, if not heralded, idea for a long time now. The concept is simply: create cars that don't require a driver at all. Instead, the vehicle relies entirely on robotic sensors and GPS tracking to traverse the roads. On paper, this sounds like an incredible advancement in our ways of transportation. And yet, there are so many potential flaws. Consider recent ...
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  • Camera-toting motorcyclist captures close call

    We are less concerned with the circumstances of the motorcycle accident in our source article than we are with the camera that was attached to one of the motorcyclists during the actual wreck. This isn't to say we don't care about the circumstances of the wreck. Obviously they are important. But the use of a video camera is a major factor in this wreck, and it serves as an important lesson for ...
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  • Help yourself after an accident by consulting with an attorney

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of car accidents happen on U.S. roads. Many of these deal serious injuries to people in the vehicles, people on bikes, or people just walking down the street. Many more don't involve serious injuries, but the accident still ends up impacting the lives of the people involved. And some of these accidents, unfortunately, are fatal and ruin the lives not only of the ...
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