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Baltimore Exploding Toilet Suit Claims Municipal Negligence

An unusual case of alleged municipal negligence has captured headlines in Baltimore and all over the country: city resident Angela Wright claims to have been mentally and emotionally harmed when her toilet exploded while she was sitting on it. She has filed suit against the City Council, the mayor, and two plumbing contractors for damages. If the suit is successful, insurance carriers will most likely be the ones who pay.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the suit, which cites negligence, was filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court last month. It claims that the explosion occurred "with great force and violence," covered Wright with sewage, and brought damage to her home. Spiniello Companies Inc. and Heitkamp Inc. are the government contractors named in the suit and were allegedly responsible for recent repairs to Wright's sewage system. Wright is seeking money for medical bills, property damages, "mental anguish," and "loss of enjoyment of her usual pursuits and pastimes."

Holding Municipalities Accountable

As unusual as Angela Wright's suit may seem, the principle of holding a municipality accountable (and often times those it contracts with and everyone’s insurance companies) for damages and injuries is not new or uncalled for. As a citizen and taxpayer, most of us, just like Angela Wright, are owed safe and functioning infrastructure in the towns and cities that we reside in.

Unsafe infrastructure claims can include:

  • Sewage system accidents - flooding, explosions, contamination, etc.
  • Highways and roads - potholes, faulty bridges, missing guardrails
  • Road signage - lack of signs, incorrect signs
  • Public spaces - dangerous conditions in playground, parks, sidewalks

If you, a loved one, or your property has been affected by conditions that your town or city should have addressed, then you may have the legal recourse to seek compensation. For more than 20 years, our dedicated Kansas City personal injury attorneys have fought for the needs and interests of the wronged and injured. At Adler & Manson, we know what it takes to secure results for our clients and are ready to start taking immediate steps towards ensuring your injury is recognized before the law.

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